I've always been drawn to things strange and mystical, to folklore and old traditions. And with my crafty sessions fuelled by a creepy and esoteric podcast playlist, there were bound to be some weird and wonderful creations resulting. This collection of items I call Curiosities - my modern take on some antique concepts like Memento Mori and Lovers Eye jewellery.

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Flora & Fauna

If we ever win the lottery, husband has already been informed that we're moving to a big 'ol farm up in the Highlands and taking in a collection of critters to rival Noah. For now, I tend to my flock of animal inspired makes in our city flat. From wooly wooden sheep and cheeky wee Wally Dugs to ditsy dinosaurs, there's lots of wild surprises in my Flora & Fauna collection.

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Statement Earrings

I have always loved a big, bold statement earring. I mean, the bigger, the better. Honestly, earrings are my favourite accessory and - along with my engagement and wedding rings - I never leave home without a pair on. Since discovering the joys of polymer clay and shrink plastic as creative mediums, I've been having the best fun making the biggest earrings.

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